July 17, 2005

Democracy? Whats that? The EU continues as normal

From the dead tree edition of the Telegraph. An article By Daniel Hannan, Conservative MEP for South East England, contains many interesting tip bits such as this list of things that where in the rejected EU Constitution but have been implemented anyway. I would advise you to read the whole thing but I have no link to the online version to give.
  • The European Space Programme.
  • The EU Criminal code.
  • The European Defence Agency [which the EU Referendum blog dose a very good job of keeping tabs on].
  • The common asylum policy.
  • The mutual defence clause, which replicates NATO's Article Five [but in no way undermines NATO, at least according to B lair]
  • The External Border Agency.
  • The Fundamental Rights Agency (neé Monitoring Centre for Racism and Xenophobia [I guess they already have letters crawling through the eurocracy to this blog]).
  • Autonomous politico-military command structures, the beginning of the EU's army.
  • The European External Action Service (that is the EU diplomatic corps).
  • The EU prosecuting magistracy.
  • The Union Foreign Minister - that silky socialist Javier Solana.
  • The Charter of Fundamental Rights.
As to the reasons why they think that they can get away with this the reasons that he states are telling
The more honest of them go on to explain that this is how the EU has always operated: first it extends its jurisdiction into a new area and then, often years later, it authorises its power-grab in a retrospective treaty
And the reason that they do this, the reason that they are willing to completely put aside democratic accountability?
The ruling ideology - peace in Europe through political integration - is thought to be too important to be left to the ballot box. If a plebiscite elicits the wrong response from the plebs, they must be suffering from what Marxists used to call 'false consciousness'. They misunderstand their true interests. They need better information, better education. And in the meantime, the project goes on.
So basically they believe their own myth. They have been caught up in their own propaganda repeating the same lies over and over until they cannot tell them from the truth.


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